Sustainable Direction is an environmental consultancy helping organisations identify, prioritise and actually take action to move in a sustainable direction. We are fortunate to be able to work with lots of small to medium sized companies up to multinationals and with local councils to national governments.

Our aim is be your Trusted Advisor and to change your thinking about how to make your business sustainable.  Perhaps we can help you, starting with delivery of resource and costs savings,  and at the same time change your thinking and how you operate your business.

SDL combines professional experience across the environmental and sustainability disciplines to offer quality, unbiased solutions that can revolutionise your business and improve the environment we live in.

Sustainable Direction Ltd provides:

•             Practical, focused environmental consulting services and project management. SDL also provides training in environmental best practice for Environmental Management to ISO14001 and BS8555, and for Project Management; and,

•             Non-Executive Directors to Boards who have both Director level experience and are technically expert in the environmental and sustainability disciplines by industry sector.

SDL is a business built on the management of business to improve the environment we all live in. Our aim is to guide more people and more businesses into a more sustainable direction. Our main contribution to business and environmental improvement is through our clients, and so at all times we will encourage clients to choose the best practicable solution for them and the environment.

It is proven to work:

  • SDL helped one recent client move to where they will save 10 million sheets of paper a year.
  • We helped another reduce waste by 40% and costs by £1M.
  • SDL are helping another remove a bottleneck to increase production by 3x.
  • SDL helped one client get grant funding to pay for equipment to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Our clients come back for more work and regularly recommend us to others.
  • SDL would like to help you.

The above combined financial return with environmental improvement in a way that the staff saw the benefit of and as such became fully engaged. All three parts of sustainability; Environmental, Economic and Sociopolitical, working together, naturally.

 Sustainable Direction for Business and the Environment

25 The Steadings Business Centre

Maisemore, Gloucester GL2 8EY

01452 382218



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